Diamonds Direct Manufacturing

We are an established Adelaide diamond merchant, Diamonds Direct workshop has been trading alongside Grech Jewellers for over 20 years. We access and supply our loose diamonds direct from the most respected diamond agencies in Australia and overseas. We offer vastly reduced prices on white and coloured diamonds of all Carats, Cuts, Colour & Clarity.

While we are renowned in Adelaide as trustworthy and reputable diamond merchants, we are master jewellers, our jewellery workshop is staffed with qualified professionals including Jewellery Designers and Gem Setters who produce unique one off exceptional bespoke designs for our clients.

We work directly with our clients, we are passionate about our work and our diamond trade. We delight in making stunning gems into stunning finished rings and jewellery pieces.


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Valuations and Insurance

We appraise jewellery & prepare valuations on our premises. Valuations can take from three to seven working days depending how many items there are to be valued.

Our standard charge for this service is $90.00 for any first item and $60.00 for each item after. For this charge you will receive a detailed description of your jewellery that states all the details of each jewellery piece you own including their weight, and gem sizes, characteristics, a photo etc.

Insurance Replacement Quotations (lost or stolen jewellery) 

We provide a service to establish your jewellery claims value on loss, damage or theft. Initially, this is a service that is in the insurer and your interests not ours, unless we are provided a contract to replace your jewellery you will be charged. This job is priced at $60.00 for the first item and $30.00 for each item following.


If we receive a contract from your insurance company to replace your jewellery…a full refund is paid back for what we charged you. 


We structure our replacement quotes in this way to cover our time we provided establishing the replacement quote in the off chance your insurance company send you to a rival jeweller to do the replacement.


Your insurer may try to pressure you to use their own jeweller; this tactic is not enforceable by consumer law (unless of course it is written into their/your policy). Understand your rights and know that you have the right to choose a jeweller of your choice.


Know your rights! Click here to read an article in regards to your jewellery replacement rights.  Contact us (08) 83567764



Antique Jewellery Reproductions

Buying an old Antique classic ring or old jewellery piece that you desire is not something that you can simply go out and accomplish. Usually if you are lucky to find your dream piece the chances are it will be extensively worn out from years of previous wear. The other fact is many of these old pieces are priced excessively due to their exclusivity, regardless of their condition.


There is another way; you can have your desired ring or jewellery piece custom made to exact original detail. There are so many benefits going down this path. Firstly you will have a brand new ring or jewellery piece that happens to look every bit genuine from a time gone bye but without all the inherent faults of decades of wear and tear.


Or perhaps you have an old worn out family heirloom that you want reproduced or restored to its original glory using the original gemstones. We can reproduce old antique rings or jewellery back to their former glory days using new or the old original gemstones. We can use a variety of combinations of precious metals, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, palladium or platinum, in white, yellow or pink gold.


Bring in your old damaged ring or jewellery piece or a photo of your desired piece and we will quote you to remake it or if viable to repair it.


For more information or to book an obligation free appointment.



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Watch Batteries & Services



On-site and while you wait we do watch battery replacements. We only use quality genuine Seiko or Maxell micro batteries, which in our industry are considered as the best quality micro watch batteries on the market, we offer a full one year guarantee on our products.


Our charges are from $16.00 to $20.00 for standard watch battery fit and from $20.00 to $35.00 for Lithium battery fit, prestige watch battery fitting statss from $20.00. Our prices don’t include, pressure testing, new seals or any other issues just a battery replacement, just the new battery and the charge to fit it, all other needs are extra.


Other in-store services we provide include watch-band replacements by Duraflex that includes leather, steel clasp type, steel stretch type & sports rubber/nylon types. If you want your watch-band adjusted, links removed, etc.., watch pin replacements, etc. all these services can be done while you wait or shop, usually taking from 5 to 15 minutes.


We are not watchmakers we are jewellers who are trained to undertake the above mentioned basic services. For more in-depth watch problems we use the services of our qualified sub-contract watchmaker. Quotes are Free.


For a no obligation quote you will need to leave your watch for a period of approximately 7 days. Our watchmaker picks up watches for quoting every Wednesday afternoon from our premises. All watches that are left in our care and are removed from our premises by our watchmaker are fully insured against loss.



Contact us (08) 83567764


Jewellry Repairs and Services

We are Adelaide's most diverse Jewellery Workshop & Manufacturing Jeweller. Visit us and directly talk to an In-store Qualified Manufacturing Jeweller about your needs…not a shop assistant.


We can repair most rings or jewellery items on-site in our workshop, we also specialize in ring and jewellery restorations and re-makes.


Some minor repairs such as adjustments, new locks & clasps, polishing, checking/tighten claws, quotes etc. can actually be done while you wait or if not on the same day!


Some of our services include... re-size rings, solder broken chains & bracelets, attach plus solder on charms, re-tip claws, fix & replace safety chains, replace lost diamonds & gems, Rhodium plate white or yellow gold rings, Valuate jewellery, etc., etc.


We use the latest technologies in metal welding, jewellery engineering and technology, we weld all precious metals and also stainless steel or titanium items using our Siro Lasertec Welder. Almost any broken fashion jewellery pieces or odd trinkets can be repaired and even metal framed eye glasses.



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"I had Grech Jewellers design our wedding rings and couldn't of been happier with the quality and professionalism of their staff, thanks. "

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