We appraise jewellery & prepare valuations on our premises. Valuations can take from three to seven working days depending how many items there are to be valued.

Our standard charge for this service is $90.00 for any first item and $60.00 for each item after. For this charge you will receive a detailed description of your jewellery that states all the details of each jewellery piece you own including their weight, and gem sizes, characteristics, a photo etc.

Insurance Replacement Quotations (lost or stolen jewellery) 

We provide a service to establish your jewellery claims value on loss, damage or theft. Initially, this is a service that is in the insurer and your interests not ours, unless we are provided a contract to replace your jewellery you will be charged. This job is priced at $60.00 for the first item and $30.00 for each item following.


If we receive a contract from your insurance company to replace your jewellery…a full refund is paid back for what we charged you. 


We structure our replacement quotes in this way to cover our time we provided establishing the replacement quote in the off chance your insurance company send you to a rival jeweller to do the replacement.


Your insurer may try to pressure you to use their own jeweller; this tactic is not enforceable by consumer law (unless of course it is written into their/your policy). Understand your rights and know that you have the right to choose a jeweller of your choice.


Know your rights! Click here to read an article in regards to your jewellery replacement rights.  Contact us (08) 83567764




"I had Grech Jewellers design our wedding rings and couldn't of been happier with the quality and professionalism of their staff, thanks. "

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