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Custom made jewelry for any budget and any style.



To have a unique ring (or jewellery piece) custom made by us is an extremely personal and rewarding experience, clients are involved and informed with every step of the process to have their piece designed and manufactured right up to its completion. Clients get ample opportunity ask us plenty questions along the way, naturally through this process a professional long term relationship is formed as our aim is to make clients feel comfortable about all of their decisions.


 When obtaining a quote to have a ring or jewellery piece custom made by us, it’s important to reassure you that the process is  simply to provide clients consultation and a free quote, there is no selling involved at the meeting and no obligation attached.


The first step is our consultation - At an initial consultation meeting we will want to achieve three things, (1) get your ring design ideas (2) find out your budget (3) get you an estimate quote based on your requirements. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like about our product and our process. We will want your contact details to subsequently follow through back to you with a firm quote based on actual available certified diamonds.


The second step would be a meeting to view the physical diamond that has met your budget and standards, we usually would have one or two other similar grade diamonds for you to make a comparison. If a selection is made and a deposit is put down, we then get started.


The first step is Cad design -We draw up your design in Cad based around your gem selection and design choice, this takes approximately 7 to 10 days . Once you are satisfied with your personal Cad design we then set about to custom make your ring to the exact Cad specifications, this takes a further estimated 2 to three weeks.


When the ring is completed and you slip it onto your finger, it will naturally fit perfectly as it was custom made to do so and you will have a natural connection to your new ring as you have had your own impute into creating it and those memories of how it came to be so unique to you will remain with you forever.


Note - We can design and manufacture any ring, for females and males, any diamond engagement, wedding rings or dress ring. We can also use any colour natural gem stone you wish. We aim to please and are happy to review any other quote you may have with the view to bettering the price and service.


Remember...“A truly unique ring is custom made not already made”.




Buying or receiving a ready-made ring is exciting however you can be certain that these type of rings are not unique to you. The reality is that the ring is one from a batch of thousands produced on a mass scale, all made to exactly the same low budget formula. Usually these ring types will need to be re-sized to fit and so immediately the ring structure has been compromised before you get to wear it.


Furthermore you never know who manufactured these rings, what the history of its diamond or gems is and its integrity, as their diamonds are usually never independently certified by a laboratory. For example... is the diamond blood free ? Has the diamond been enhanced artificially? All things you should consider when making a purchase.


From the high end retail jewellery establishment to the low end chain type jewellery store their staff are simply sales people, trained at pressure selling, they are not diamond ring specialists. Sales people are not motivated to satisfy long term customer service they are motivated to boost their weekly sales budget.


The pitfalls we point out here are genuine and we urge clients to do their own research before getting swept away in a moment. Deal with a trusted Manufacturing Jeweller because our trade is to make rings and our commitment is to develop long term satisfaction.


All our Products & Workmanship are guaranteed!



 Contact us for a no obligation appointment - (08) 83567764


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"I had Grech Jewellers design our wedding rings and couldn't of been happier with the quality and professionalism of their staff, thanks. "

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