Grech Jewellers is a family run business est 1978

Custom made jewelry for any budget and any style.

We are Adelaide's most diverse Jewellery Workshop & Manufacturing Jeweller. Visit us and directly talk to an In-store Qualified Manufacturing Jeweller about your needs…not a shop assistant.


We can repair most rings or jewellery items on-site in our workshop, we also specialize in ring and jewellery restorations and re-makes.


Some minor repairs such as adjustments, new locks & clasps, polishing, checking/tighten claws, quotes etc. can actually be done while you wait or if not on the same day!


Some of our services include... re-size rings, solder broken chains & bracelets, attach plus solder on charms, re-tip claws, fix & replace safety chains, replace lost diamonds & gems, Rhodium plate white or yellow gold rings, Valuate jewellery, etc., etc.


We use the latest technologies in metal welding, jewellery engineering and technology, we weld all precious metals and also stainless steel or titanium items using our Siro Lasertec Welder. Almost any broken fashion jewellery pieces or odd trinkets can be repaired and even metal framed eye glasses.



Contact us for a free quote or consultation (08) 83567764 


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"I had Grech Jewellers design our wedding rings and couldn't of been happier with the quality and professionalism of their staff, thanks. "

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Please don't hesitate to contact us for anything you may need. 

Phone (08) 8356 7764

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